Energy & Chemistry Industry
Energy & Chemistry Industry
Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry
Whether you are focused on exploration, refining or transportation, we can offer the material to help you achieve your goals.we could prvide a comprehensive solution with its expertise in more than 20 years of industry experience in pipe, stainless steel and services involved in stable performance, extend equipment life, reduce maintenance and reduce costs to improve safety.
Oil Exploration and Production
As the demand for new oil and gas resources is rising, companies have increased the depth of the seabed oilfield drilling, and some even drill down below 3000 meters. On land, a growing sands is being explorating which is never developed before.

Through a series of equipment, technology and services to help companies optimize the exploration, drilling and various services. From the oil pipe to condition monitoring and asset management systems, we provide solutions in the existing  and new areas to help you improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance and lower operating costs.
Transport and Storage
Whether through the underwater pipeline, or land transport, we will help you achieve better cost effectiveness. From the advanced stainless steel material, container solutions, asset management services, transport and storage solutions, we are helping enterprises improve reliability and reduce the cost.
Processing and Refining
Many refinery utilization rate has exceeded 97 percent, and therefore improve production efficiency means to try to extend equipment maintenance intervals. The maintenance budget cuts, increasing retiree, meanwhile, the health, safety and constantly improved environmental regulations, which makes a huge challenge to the processing and refining industry.

Beall provide the corrosion resistant alloys, high temperature alloys, specialty alloys together with more than 20 years refining cooperation experience. Those ensure us provide you unique solutions for hydrocarbon processors by providing a comprehensive range of solutions to help increase productivity, reduce maintenance requirements and lower operating costs.
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